This website is dedicated to our friend and colleague Alex Verkade who died in Vancouver in July 2013 when the first stage of this project was nearing completion.

A person of great wisdom and kindness, who also had a psychiatric diagnosis and history, Alex believed passionately that people like him were fully capable of (in his words), “making a positive contribution to their community by starting consumer-driven alternative service organizations and demonstrating the importance of consumer involvement to mental health and social service workers.” Alex devoted his life to this work: at MPA, West Coast Mental Health Network, Unity Housing, and most recently with the film The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Stories from MPA and these teaching materials.

Alex was a true friend and an invaluable colleague - helpful, smart, articulate, dedicated, hardworking, unassuming. We miss him.


This project has been funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Thompson Rivers University and the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

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Project Team

Dana Allen, Lanny Beckman, Laura Buker, Kelsi Cox, Susan Beniston, Sarah de Leeuw, Megan Davies, Lori E., Susan Heximer, Ian Milligan, Cat Omura, Diane Purvey, David Reville, Margo Robinson, Karen Schwartz, Alistair Scott-Turner, Irit Shimrat, Nérée St-Amand, Lisa-Marie Sterr, Sonomi Tanaka, Kathy Teghtsoonian, Marie-Claude Tifault, Deborah Thien, Alex Verkade, Christina Wall, Branwen Willow

Project Co-ordinator

Megan Davies 

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Image editing: Celeste Billung-Meyer, Jasper Morgan, Dan Rooke

Sound and video work: Bryn Coates-Davies, Dominic Dagenais, Megan Davies, John Glenhill, Nick Nausbaum, Alex Poutiainen, Lily Ross-Millard, Sonomi Tanaka

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